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Shea Sumlin – How to Study the Bible Deeply

Do you feel like your time spent studying the Bible is unproductive and lacks direction? Come and learn how to get more out of your personal study of God’s Word and learn how to uncover the deep truths of God’s Holy Word.

Mike Hearon – Dreaming In God

Calling from God is pouring all of who you are into all of what you do. Your Dreams not only give you insight into what you should be DOING, but they also give insight into your BEING (your design). Learning to dream in God is a necessary step in discovering God’s call.

Matt Bradner – The God of Yes

It is a sad reality that many of us live and think as though God’s favorite word is NO. As a result, the Bible becomes for us a big book of rules and growing as a Christian is all about increasing our list of what we DON’T do. There is one small problem with…

Ashlee Johnson – Women’s Rally

Audio Only:

Ashlee Johnson‘s message to the women at the CO National Conference

John Piper – Men’s Rally

John Piper spoke to the men at the CO National Conference on December 31, 2011. He used the life of Augustine to relate to the men at conference. He referenced Augustine’s book Confessions.