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Rupert Leary – What Does God Have For Me After College?

What will life after college look like for you? What is God calling you to in this next chapter of life and how do you discern this? Sadly, many students who had a very active involvement in Campus Outreach on campus, tend to really struggle with having an effective personal ministry beyond the campus…


Andrew Holbrook – Completely Acceptable to God

Justification and assurance are two important theological terms and experiences that many of us don’t understand. This seminar will explain these ideas by answering the questions, “How does God save me?” and “How can I be certain he has?”

Bowe Butler – Is God In Control? Does He Care?

Suffering, evil, death, emotional pain, and the circumstances of my day…does God really control everything? How can I believe that there is a God that’s really in control? If he is in control, then how can I believe God is GOOD when my circumstances and life are a wreck? Is God really working “all…

Barry Lusk – Lifestyle Evangelism

Do you have a desire to help people in your life know, understand and believe the gospel? Come to this seminar to learn Biblical, practical, and tasteful ways to live a lifestyle of making the gospel clear to others.

Clint Watson – A Theology of Weakness

Some of us are fortunate enough to be launched into adulthood through great homes and stable sovereign foundations, others escape their childhood but with a limp. The source of that limp can become the power of God through our lives. How do we overcome the pain to unleash the power of God in our…