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Wednesday, December 28

3:30-6pm Registration
8pm Rally 1- JD Greear
10-11pm Late Registration
10:30pm Regional Breakout

Thursday, December 29

10am Rally 2 – Matt Chandler
12pm Men’s Lunch/Women’s Rally (Johnson)
1:15pm Women’s Lunch/Men’s Rally (Greear)
2:30pm Seminar 1
3:30pm Seminar 2
8pm Rally 3 – Matt Chandler
10pm Concert – Trip Lee & Sho Baraka

Friday, December 30

TBA Sports tournaments
7pm Rally 4 – Trip lee & Sho Baraka
9pm Regional Rallies

Saturday, December 31

10am Rally 5 – Harry Reeder
12pm Women’s Lunch/Men’s Rally (Piper)
1:15pm Men’s Lunch/Women’s Rally (Greear)
2:30pm Seminar 1
3:30pm Seminar 2
8:30pm Rally 6 – John Piper
11:15pm New Years Party

Sunday, January 1

8:30pm Campus Time
10:15am Rally 7 – John Piper